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3 times as absorbent as shavings, Hemp Animal bedding is the perfect bedding solution.It is sustainable and eco-friendly and the dust free fibre provides excellent insulation, moisture and odour absorption. It can be used twice if desired as it also makes an excellent acid-free garden mulch or compost, breaking down after around 8 weeks. It is naturally anti-microbial making it a more hygienic alternative for your valued pets and animals.


These bags are 100L (approx. 14kg) bag of compressed bedding – ideal for stud stock, poultry, horse stables. 


Each bag is 60cm x 40cm x 35cm


One pallet consists of 24 bags.

2 Pallets consists of 48 bags and is the most economical way to buy in terms of shipping.


Australian Grown and 100% Made Naturally




Environmentally friendly

Excellent moisture absorption

Suitable for all sizes of animals

Superior insulation properties

Grown without insecticides or pesticides

Use on its own or blend with other bedding mediums

Use twice – recycle and use as nutritious and protective garden mulch!


To Use:

1) Remove any existing bedding, and give the area a good clean out from all existing animal bedding product.

2) Apply fresh Hemp Bedding to a depth appropriate to the size of the animal. Small animals like mice may only need a depth of 10-20 mm and larger animals like horses may need up to 100 mm.

3) Over time as your animal expels waste onto the bedding, remove the soiled area only and replace with fresh Hemp Bedding.

4) Once the bedding has been removed often and the absorbency has lessened, start the process again with completely fresh bedding. 

NB: This product has been grown from a pure fibre crop, so no there is no risk of viable hemp seeds making their way into your garden.


 The 2 pallets of hemp are double stacked and the most economical shipment method.


If you wish to become a distributor of Pure Aussie Hemp Products, please contact us directly for more information.


Pallet of Pure Aussie Hemp Animal Bedding 100L Bags

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